Day Six: Dunnet to Kirkwall; THE LAST WORD

What a day! I must have had a good nights sleep because I didn’t wake up in a bad mood!

The breakfast table was an enormous french polished table set with lace doileys, the best cutlery, Denby tableware, a vase of lilies and, obviously, table mats and coasters, the sort of setting you expect at your posh Auntys that terrifies you upon sight. Breakfast was delicious, I had croissant filled with the best scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, and then spilled an entire mug of coffee everywhere! Arrrrrrrggggghhhh! Not like me at all, how embarrassing, The Queen doesn’t do this! However, within seconds one of the other guests spilled a glass of orange juice and at the end of the meal another guest spilled a jug of milk (how nice of them to do this to make me feel better about it!) the immaculate host (how can she cook breakfast for 7 people in a fancy white top, no apron, and still look perfect?) just laughed it off as the most messy breakfast she has ever served!

The rest of the day was like an episode of Challenge Anika “come on Andy keep up” my wobbly bottom and blond hair running off to the next site seeing spot…Gin Shop: gin bought, stop the clock!…Dunnet point: photo on the edge of the world, stop the clock!…catch the ferry, stop the clock!…tour of watermill: bought the flour, recipe book and biscuits, stop the clock!…Earls Palace: climb the walls, point out architectural features to Andy, stop the clock!…Neolithic Village: run round the site whilst being chased by the custodian, stop the clock!…Stand on the edge of some fragile looking cliffs and take selfies, stop the clock! (Give me the car key because if you fall off and get a helicopter ride to hospital I need to get home! Always thinking of others!)…

The ferry journey was nice, probably because I was drinking Prosecco! Andy did say “go to sleep, you are much quieter then” cheeky! I didn’t so he did but I carried on talking regardless, he never listens anyway and I can repeat it all in an hour when I have forgotten I’ve already told him!

Is that Finland over there?
Queue for the ferry, hello, can I have one of those biscuits please? So cute!
Sea GPS tracking thingy on Ferry, “I’ve driven the Isle of Wight Ferry you know so I am qualified”
Bored now!

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