Days 10 & 11: THE LAST WORD

Leaving The Old School House was quite emotional for me, the tantra feeling created by Cathy and Alan was very calming and I felt at peace. We had a lovely vegetarian breakfast, with berries, mint and tiny wild alpine strawberries from the garden, freshly squeezed orange juice and cooked eggs etc, Andy was so pleased not to have been offered or seen any haggis or black pudding! Cathy is a yoga teacher and is offering a relaxing yoga retreat to Sri Lanka followed by an invigorating visit to India this winter, Andy was reading all about it and seemed to be very interested, but I can’t see him doing the downward dog and he doesn’t like curry so I won’t sign him up just yet!

As Andy says nothing much happened on the journey down from Scotland to England, the weather was overcast so we had the roof up especially as there was a lot of motorway and that is quite a battering. We grabbed some lunch from a Waitrose at a service station which we ate en route. The weather had improved by the time we arrived in the Lakes and the boat trip was relaxing, it was delightful watching the little girls squeal and laugh when they got sprayed by the water.

The farm lady’s style of b&b hosting was completely opposite to the previous night, we were given a booking in slot between 3 & 5pm (so we did that before our sightseeing) and instead of the normal breakfast slot of, for example, 7:30 to 9:30 or 8 to 10, we were told, “breakfast is between 8:15 & 9:00” but as we are all good little sheep we duly arrived during that time, us first of course! And, I am in great admiration for our host as she single handedly, efficiently, calmly, with a smile and nothing too much trouble cooked and served tea/coffee, toast and variations of cooked breakfasts for 12 people within the 45 minutes and was out taking her horse to the field opposite at 9! How did she do it?..

Now, don’t be fooled by Andy’s ‘it was an uneventful journey’ home comment, it was a NIGHTMARE! The start was lovely, beautiful lush mountains, green woods with the sun shining through the trees, a warming sun, pretty villages…then, THE MOTORWAY dun dun derrrrrr….M6 (especially around Manchester) horrendous, speeding along in a nose to tail 3 lane solid train, with lorry wheels within inches of my unprotected face, arm, self, the sun blaring and burning down, the heat noise and dirt from the traffic, terrifying. It was a little less scary when we put the roof up for a while but next time I will be flying to Inverness and meeting Andy there! M6 Toll (Midland Expressway, whatever!) fab-u-lous! The final few miles as with any arrival home after a long journey and/or break away is agonising, you just want to get home, be in your house with your own things so the unscheduled stop at the CooP was irritating and when the single small cloud in the sky decided to spew out great blobs of freezing cold rain on me I nearly combusted like Rumplestiltskin! Of course by the time Andy came out of the shop the blazing sun had dried up all the rain and he was flummoxed as to why I was sitting in the car with the roof up and windows closed. Anyway after waiting at the temporary traffic lights (now a permanent feature on the roads within a five mile radius of our house this year) just outside the village for two tracks of the CD (not embarrassing in the slightest, I pulled my skirt over my head to hide) we were serenaded by the bagpipes as we turned into the drive! Bustaaar, looking very tired and a stone lighter was very pleased to see us and jumped into the drivers seat as if to say, you are not going anywhere!

And finally (although I doubt that, I’m sure I shall think of a few more things over the next few days that I need to tell you) Andy did all the driving apart from approx 50 miles on the way up. I was in charge of seeing and sleeping, clearly I had some catching up to do. Cows in Scotland are called and spelt Coos and house is hoose, until you see it you can’t believe it. Also for those ex-smokers amongst us, Scotland is keeping the tradition alive!! It’s very strange walking the streets and smelling smoke in the air. Andy will be trawling through the 8 hours of Go-Pro footage and putting together a short video soon, so keep registered for notifications.

Off to sleep in my own bed now and cook my own breakfast whenever I want it tomorrow!

Ok, so it can’t be that difficult it’s an automatic!
How much washing???

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